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Meet Jeremy Zon

Born and raised in Sacramento, California.  I have studied art through out all of my schooling.  I graduated from Florin High School in 1993.  While I was there I lettered in 3 sports and in the music program.  I  averaged a 3.3 GPA and participated in many clubs and programs.  I was able to participate in the AP Art Program for 2 years which helped me to get a better understanding of the critical view of the art world.  This would help me as I moved on to college where you really get an eye opener to how critical things can be.  

After attending a single year of Community College I left to serve a Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints from 1994 - 1996.  This was a great time of learning and growth for me as an individual.  I was really able to see how diverse the world was within the family make up.  I was also able to see how people interact with others in a spiritual environment, such as it were.

After my mission I returned to Snow College in Ephraim, Utah earning my Associates Degree in 1997.  It is interesting what you can experience and learn from growing up in a larger city then moving to a very small college town.  I would not trade it for anything.  After finishing at Snow College I attended Weber State University in Ogden, Utah.  There I earned my Bachelors Degree in Visual Communications in 2000.  Like Snow, this was a great experience both educationally and socially.  I joined the Sigma Gamma Chi Fraternity where I was able to meet a lot a people that would influence my life.  That includes my wonderful wife, who was not apart of the greek system.

After graduating from Weber State I stumbled into the world of Commercial Signs and Graphics .  I took the job to gain designing experience that I might use to gain a design job somewhere else.  I am happy to say that 19 years later I am still in the Sign Business.  During that time I decided to serve the community in which I live.  I served on the Farmington City Fire Department for 14 years as both an EMT and Firefighter.  As you can imagine I experienced many things that help me grow as a person and gain a better appreciation for life.

As a side note to all of this I have been a part of the Haunted House scene since I was 14 years old.  I started out as a volunteer actor at a local charity haunted house.  After getting a taste of the fear, I have more or less bene doing it ever since.  I have held actor positions, monitor positions, I have been a make up artist since 2000.  I have also spent many years over seeing the Acting and Make-up departments of 3 haunted houses in northern Utah.  This is definitely a passion of mine, thanks to my father that traumatized me as a 5 year old by scaring me that Halloween.  My father used to dress up, decorate and scare kids on Halloween night.  In doing so, I have followed in his footsteps.

Ever since I was a kid I have longed to be outside.  I would rather be outside than inside most of the time.  I enjoy pretty much any kind of sports.  I love to go camping, hiking, fishing and I use to be an avid bow hunter.  God Has blessed us with Beautiful Lands to enjoy.

I enjoy helping people when and where I can.  I have volunteered for different groups over the years and served the community in different ways.  I am now wanting to help others create happy,  positive relationships that they too may have a happier life from it.