"Treat Her Right" is the first book I am releasing.  This book focuses on how we can improve our relationships with the focus primarily on men.  In our modern world today we are faced with the ever changing landscape of our personal relationships.  The success of our relationships are decreasing with each passing year.  The success of a marriage has declined and the question is why.  What are we doing that has changed?  Why are our relationships not successful?  Treat Her Right focuses on men and what we are not doing and what we can do to have a successful relationship.  Treat Her Right is aimed to help men learn what they can do to have a happy wife and a happy marriage. 

Men, If you want to learn how to increase the quality of your relationships, purchase this book.

Ladies, if you have a man in your life that you would like to increase your relationship with, purchase this book.

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I will be releasing a follow up to this book in the future titled "She's A Part of Me".  I also have another book in the works that will focus more on our individual lives rather than on our relationships.  This book is titled " What's Your Story".