Future Podcast


Coming Soon

What’s Your Story is a podcast that I will be starting by the Fall. It will be an interview based podcast where I will be interviewing guests to learn more about their stories, and see how we are all more a like than we think. In doing so we can learn from one another and maybe apply a few things into our lives.


I am looking to help people understand that we all have a story. With everyone having a story, our expereinces can and do over lap. With these expereinces we are able to see that we all have a lot more in common than we think. With sharing our stories we are also able

to learn from one anothers experiences, and hopefully not feel alone or as different as we think we are.

Continual Growth is The Goal.

Mission Statement

To Help As Many People That I Can Know That There Is Always Hope. Also, That We Have The Ability To Change

And Accomplish Anything You Want!