If you're looking for a straight, to the point, enjoyable read, then "Treat Her Right" is the book for you. Written by author Jeremy Zon, the book invites men to remember that Chivalry is not dead! Written to inspire both men and women into remembering that good relationships really can exist, Jeremy's insightful tactics and tips allow the men who read this book to continue to step up and remember how precious the women in their lives are. Women can be loved. Men can be respected. And this book can show you how to share both with both. As a TV host and interviewer of many authors, I can say that I highly recommend "Treat Her Right". ~ Katerina Cozias

"WOW......what a groovy read, indeed. This is a great manuscript on what all relationships should be and should strive for.  Yes, it's focus is on how women should be treated by men but also learning how to not always focus on materialism and more on how to have a lifetime of happiness with your significant other.  I encourage everyone to read this book and gain some knowledge that you didn't have or refresh what you might be lacking. So proud of you @jeremy.zon ......this is truly a great read!"    - Mazonika Kemp


"Just finished your book, I loved it!  I will give it to my husband and son to read.  Just loved the directness and candor.  Humor was good as well. Thanks for writing it. "      - Jamie Hancey


"Great Book.  I enjoyed reading it.  You did a great job capturing the issues going on in our world today with respect to how men treat women.  I would definitely recommend it to both men and women."  - Zerlinia Moore

“Love this book, will make sure others read. So right on. Going to buy more for presents.” - Vickie Cioli