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Meet Jeremy Zon

Born and raised in Sacramento, California.  I have studied art through out all of my schooling.  I graduated from Florin High School in 1993.  While I was there I lettered in 3 sports and in the music program.  I  averaged a 3.3 GPA and participated in many clubs and programs.  I was able to participate in the AP Art Program for 2 years which helped me to get a better understanding of the critical view of the art world.  This would help me as I moved on to college where you really get an eye opener to how critical things can be.  

After attending a single year of Community College I left to serve a Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints from 1994 - 1996.  This was a great time of learning and growth for me as an individual.  I was really able to see how diverse the world was within the family make up.  I was also able to see how people interact with others in a spiritual environment, such as it were.

After my mission I returned to Snow College in Ephraim, Utah earning my Associates Degree in 1997.  It is interesting what you can experience and learn from growing up in a larger city then moving to a very small college town.  I would not trade it for anything.  After finishing at Snow College I attended Weber State University in Ogden, Utah.  There I earned my Bachelors Degree in Visual Communications in 2000.  Like Snow, this was a great experience both educationally and socially.  I joined the Sigma Gamma Chi Fraternity where I was able to meet a lot a people that would influence my life.  That includes my wonderful wife, who was not apart of the greek system.

After graduating from Weber State I stumbled into the world of Commercial Signs and Graphics .  I took the job to gain designing experience that I might use to gain a design job somewhere else.  I am happy to say that 19 years later I am still in the Sign Business.  During that time I decided to serve the community in which I live.  I served on the Farmington City Fire Department for 14 years as both an EMT and Firefighter.  As you can imagine I experienced many things that help me grow as a person and gain a better appreciation for life.

As a side note to all of this I have been a part of the Haunted House scene since I was 14 years old.  I started out as a volunteer actor at a local charity haunted house.  After getting a taste of the fear, I have more or less bene doing it ever since.  I have held actor positions, monitor positions, I have been a make up artist since 2000.  I have also spent many years over seeing the Acting and Make-up departments of 3 haunted houses in northern Utah.  This is definitely a passion of mine, thanks to my father that traumatized me as a 5 year old by scaring me that Halloween.  My father used to dress up, decorate and scare kids on Halloween night.  In doing so, I have followed in his footsteps.

Ever since I was a kid I have longed to be outside.  I would rather be outside than inside most of the time.  I enjoy pretty much any kind of sports.  I love to go camping, hiking, fishing and I use to be an avid bow hunter.  God Has blessed us with Beautiful Lands to enjoy.

I enjoy helping people when and where I can.  I have volunteered for different groups over the years and served the community in different ways.  I am now wanting to help others create happy,  positive relationships that they too may have a happier life from it.

I liked your book very much! I even highlighted and wrote notes in the margins next to things I agreed with and I wanted to expand on for my own knowledge. Two things I enjoyed most was how straight to the point it is. You captured aspects of healthy vs toxic aspects very clearly. I also love how you begin by talking about family dynamics and roles. So much value is placed on education and professional success, that personal/interpersonal growth has been pushed aside. ~ Christina DiBernardo

If you're looking for a straight, to the point, enjoyable read, then "Treat Her Right" is the book for you. Written by author Jeremy Zon, the book invites men to remember that Chivalry is not dead! Written to inspire both men and women into remembering that good relationships really can exist, Jeremy's insightful tactics and tips allow the men who read this book to continue to step up and remember how precious the women in their lives are. Women can be loved. Men can be respected. And this book can show you how to share both with both. As a TV host and interviewer of many authors, I can say that I highly recommend "Treat Her Right". ~ Katerina Cozies

"WOW......what a groovy read, indeed. This is a great manuscript on what all relationships should be and should strive for.  Yes, it's focus is on how women should be treated by men but also learning how to not always focus on materialism and more on how to have a lifetime of happiness with your significant other.  I encourage everyone to read this book and gain some knowledge that you didn't have or refresh what you might be lacking. So proud of you @jeremy.zon ......this is truly a great read!"    - Mazonika Kemp


"Just finished your book, I loved it!  I will give it to my husband and son to read.  Just loved the directness and candor.  Humor was good as well. Thanks for writing it. "      - Jamie Hancey


"Great Book.  I enjoyed reading it.  You did a great job capturing the issues going on in our world today with respect to how men treat women.  I would definitely recommend it to both men and women."  - Zerlinia Moore

“Love this book, will make sure others read. So right on. Going to buy more for presents.” - Vickie Cioli



"Treat Her Right" is the first book I am releasing.  This book focuses on how we can improve our relationships with the focus primarily on men.  In our modern world today we are faced with the ever changing landscape of our personal relationships.  The success of our relationships are decreasing with each passing year.  The success of a marriage has declined and the question is why.  What are we doing that has changed?  Why are our relationships not successful?  Treat Her Right focuses on men and what we are not doing and what we can do to have a successful relationship.  Treat Her Right is aimed to help men learn what they can do to have a happy wife and a happy marriage. 

Men, If you want to learn how to increase the quality of your relationships, purchase this book.

Ladies, if you have a man in your life that you would like to increase your relationship with, purchase this book.

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I will be releasing a follow up to this book in the future titled "She's A Part of Me".  I also have another book in the works that will focus more on our individual lives rather than on our relationships.  This book is titled " What's Your Story".

I am hoping to release “She’s A Part Of Me” Fall of 2019.  It is a follow up book to “Treat Her Right” where I explore the relationship world of men and women a little more, adding a timeline perspective to what we experience in life.  I hope that you enjoy “She’s A Part Of Me” as much as you enjoyed “Treat Her Right”.

I am hoping to release “She’s A Part Of Me” Fall of 2019. It is a follow up book to “Treat Her Right” where I explore the relationship world of men and women a little more, adding a timeline perspective to what we experience in life.

I hope that you enjoy “She’s A Part Of Me” as much as you enjoyed “Treat Her Right”.


Womens Conference

Sacramento, California November 2018

As an author of relationship self help books, I enjoy helping people any way I can. One way I am able to do this is by speaking to groups about relationships and The Little Things that make them succeed. I have spoken to women’s groups, youth groups, and a couples forum.

My focus is The Little Things which is the title of my presentation. Although I can format my presentation to meet the needs of the group as needed.

I am happy to speak to any crowd in regards to relationships. My Presentation works for both personal or professional relationships.

You can contact me through my contact page, if you would like to discuss or schedule my services.