Keep It Simple Stupid, is a phrase we need to be mindful of as we go through any relationship process. We tend to over think things and try too hard, which in turn causes us to complicate the relationship. This complicating process can happen at any given stage of your relationship. It generally starts when we are dating, and then follows us through the relationship. If we can simply avoid making It apart of the process, we might just have a chance of It not rearing its ugly her later.

When we over complicate how we are viewing our relationship is when we begin to destroy it. We begin to over analyze how our relationship is going, which then makes us over think how to fix or correct what is happening with it. When all together it is probably fine, we are just freaking ourselves out. I think paranoia of losing someone is the underlying issue that plagues those who face this problem. The solution to this is to K.I.S.S.

Keeping it simple, actually makes everything better for both parties in the relationship. Because when things start to get complicated, both parties feel it which can put strain on the relationship. Making the relationship stressful is not a good way to have a successful relationship. So by keeping it simple, the stress levels stay at a manageable level that allows both parties the breathing room needed to navigate through the relationship.

When we over complicate the relationship, we are inviting flaws and imperfections to come into play. This is why it is better that we avoid allowing it to happen in the first place. Keeping it simple helps us to maintain balance and expectation. Perceived expectations are created, not reality. So when you create those expectations, they become hard to live up too, which them causes the stress and anxiety in the relationship.

Remember to be who you are, don’t try to be someone else or something else than what you are. You are the only one putting the unnecessary expectations on yourself. When you are honest and truthful to yourself, you will be happier with yourself and with your relationship, which in turn allows you to have a healthier relationship. Your partner will see and feel the difference in you and reciprocate the feelings. Know that by keeping it simple, you are building success.