Holiday Gifts

Tis the season of happiness and sometimes dred. I say this because the Holiday’s are suppose to be that time of year when everyone is a little Nicer, Kinder and More Giving. Yet when it comes down to actually having to get your significant other a gift Fear, Doubt and Anxiety tend to take over, making the Happy Holidays not so happy.

I think if we were to plan a little better in how we prepare going into the holiday season that these feelings just might go away and help the season be a happy one. What are some of the things that you guys do you help make gift giving for your significant other easier? Some of the things that I have either done or thought of are, Have your significant other make you a list. Be more attentive through the year by listening to things that they say they need or want. In doing this you can make notes on your phone as a reminder when it’s time. Perhaps you can talk with their friends or family that they are close to. You would think that they would know something right? If you get desperate, reach out to your children if you have them!

The one thing that you really don’t want to do is go out and start walking the stores aimlessly looking around trying to see if you can find something that they want. Doing that is going to end up two ways. They will either take it back, not use it, or be upset with you all together for not knowing what they would like or want. Then you have a whole other problem on your hands. Can you feel them looking at you right now with anger? So let’s avoid looking like an idiot this year, and start doing some sleuthing.

It’s always better to ask for help than it is to look like a fool. Men we don’t want to fall into that stern type about men not asking for directions when they are lost do we? This is pretty much the same thing. You can do it however you want, Sly & Subtle or Blunt as a Spoon. Either way it will be better then guessing and walking the stores aimlessly!

Ladies, you are not off the hook either. Women can be just as guilty of not being prepared with giving a thoughtful gift or waiting till the last minute to figure it out. So let’s give each other the courtesy of taking the time and true thought of what they other person would like. It does not have to be an extravagant gift, but something that will be meaningful to them. Doing this shows them that you actually do care about them rather than it being an after thought. That is what will make make or break your gift. Not how big or small it is, and not how expensive it is. Only that you cared enough to pay attention and get them something they actually want.

Merry Christmas and Good Luck!