Money, the necessary evil in our world. The creator of both good and evil within our societal world. How crazy is it that this one thing has so much power over us. It both creates and destroys lives in a matter of an instant. Yet it is not a living thing, but an inanimate object that we have given power to.

Let’s add this powerful tool to a complex relationship between two people. Two people that have just come together as a married couple. Before they were on their own to manage this powerful tool and now they have to work together to manage it. Dun Dun Dun! How does this work? Do you continue to live separate financial lives? Do you pool your resources and work together, or does one person take full control of the finances? This is the conundrum that couples face once they get married.

Obviously you would think that you pool your money and work together as couples should. But that is not always the case. There are different dynamics out there within the construct of who has what when it comes to money. Meaning, everyone does not make they same amount of money in any given relationship. This goes either way, the man could be making more or the woman cold be making more. Depending on how they feel about that, may dictate how you structure the use of your money as a couple.

The one thing that really needs to matter, is that you are both comfortable with whatever decision you make in managing your money. If not there will always be resentment and issues between you. Either party needs not to be insecure or jealous of what the other makes. This will just add to problems that you do not need within your relationship. Do you know that money is one of the top 3 reasons marriages fail? Really? I can totally understand why in some circumstances, and I am sure that the reason for each money driven divorce is the same. But money should not be a reason that a relationships fails. The spending habits should have been considered prior to the relationship getting to the Marriage Stage! Just my opinion. I also believe that if you are that passionate about your finances that maybe it should be a topic of discussion before you get married. Having a wedge between you is not anything anyone wants in a relationship.

In the end, money is the means in which we are able to provide for what we need in life. We need to learn how to use what we have the best way that is not going to cause problems within the relationship! Money only has the amount of power that you give it. Learn to manage you money rather than your money managing you.

Let’s strive to have happier relationships without money playing too big of a role! The focus should be on what each of you bring to the relationship. Not what factor money plays in how you have a relationship. If you are in the relationship for money, you are in it for the wrong reason. Money can disappear at the drop of a hat!