Don't Compare Yourself to Others

In our day and age, most everyone is on some form of social media. Social media has changed the how everyone now views the world. Before social media our sphere of influence was small and localized to those around us, the TV and printed media. Now it is instantaneous streaming at a few clicks of our keyboards, and we can pretty much find anything we want. This is truly awesome if you think about it! It has changed how we live, learn, and interact with each other. But that is both good and bad!

Good because we are able to gain knowledge faster than ever, bad because now that knowledge may be false. Good because it is easier to find information rather than having to drudge through a library book. Bad, because we are becoming reliant upon it and losing skills that make us better. Good because we are able to stay in touch with friends and family more than ever before, Bad because now we easily offend one another, and lose some relationships over it.

The human race has always been the same through out the ages. The only thing that truly changed is the technology that we have and how we have used it. Humans are full of many different traits and attributes. Some that we are born with and some that are learned. Some of these can be damaging, such as Pride, Envy, Lust, Wrath, Jealousy, Fear, Doubt, and others that pit us against both ourselves as well as others. These attributes can be crippling to you when it comes to being in a relationship.

When you are in a relationship and you have these types of attributes, you are always looking over your shoulder. What I mean is, you are always comparing either yourself or the one you are with, to someone else. That being you individually or other couples. This is a very damaging place to be, if you are allowing it to affect you negatively. Now if you are looking to others as to what you would like to be and you are striving to become like that in a healthy way then we are good. But if you are constantly comparing yourself to others and it is interfering with how your relationship is going, then we have a problem. This road is only going to find unhappiness and misery for you and your relationship.

When we start comparing ourselves to others as a form of measuring our worth or status, we have allowed ourselves to be taken over by the evils of the world. These evils are real and they are there to destroy us. They are forces that want us to be unhappy and miserable. We need not allow these forces to take hold of us. We are all meant to be happy, but we have to do it the way we know how. Not the way someone else does. We are all different individuals that have different means and desires, along with interested and skill sets. Just because someone does and has something you do not does not mean that they are any better or worse than you. They are just in another place.

Find the things that make you happy, enjoy the things you have. Make yourself the best you, you can. Know that if you are doing your best, that you are loved and enjoyed because of who you are and what you have to offer. You are not meant to be the other person or couple. Don’t compare yourself to others, because once you do you start to travel a slipper slop of unhappiness, which will only lead to more unhappiness!