Let Her Into Your Space

We all have things that we are into. Be that it is sports, hobbies, hunting, fishing, crafting or whatever. There are things that we do that we enjoy that help us live and be happy. Some of these things are engrained into us from childhood, and some were acquired later in life. Never the less, these places and spaces that we have created become ours and sometimes they are hard to share.

We all have places and things that are special to us. Sometimes these places are so special to us that we do not want others to know about them, let alone share them with anyone else. For many this is a good thing, because it is something that most of us use as a release or get away from the world and our troubles. It can also be the cause of some problems when it comes to a relationship.

When getting involved with another person, it means that we are going to share our world with them and have them become apart of ours. But in some cases this is a difficult thing to do. Sometimes we become so accustomed to having this time and space to ourselves that we do not want to share it. Many times we feel that it will be ruined if we share it with others. Maybe it’s because we feel that they won’t understand, or that they will not have the same feelings about it as you do, or that they will want to change it. These are all legit concerns, and it does happen. But that is not the case for most.

The beauty of being in a relationship is that you now have someone that you can share your world with. Hopefully you are with someone that has some of the same interests as you or that they are open to trying new things. Sharing the things that are special to us is not a bad thing, It’s actually a very good thing for a relationship. It’s good because we are willing to open up and show the other person that we are willing to let them into our space, our world. It’s the unselfish thing to do in a relationship. We can’t have a healthy relationship if we are closing portions of ourselves off.

Let her into your space, let her see everything about you. Let her know about the real you. Let her feel apart of your world, your likes, your dreams, your fears, your goals. Whatever space you have created, let her into it. If you have a love for a particular hobby or sport, invite her to join you. If you have a group of friends that you hang out with, invite her to hang out. If you like to travel, taker her with you. Do these things should only bring you closer together. If they don’t, then maybe you don’t do them together anymore, or you are not in the right relationship.

Doing this is one of the best ways to really get to know some one, and to grow your relationship. Couples are stronger when they open up and share their true selfs with one another. The only way to have to true happiness is to be open and honest. Let her into your space, and find true happiness.