Question: Are you building a Relationship of Trust?

This is a topic that has come up recently and it got me thinking. With all that is going on in society and the world it seems like we are losing our way with so many vital attributes that are important to having a successful relationship.

Trust is probably the most important of all the attributes that one can have within in a relationship, for without it, you truly have nothing as a foundation to build your relationship on. No one is wanting to be apart of any kind of relationship if there is not trust!

That’s what brings me to this question. What are you doing to build trust within your relationship? Are you doing the things you say you will? Are you sneaking around seeing other people. Are you upfront about all that you do? Do you hide things from your significant other?

Obviously honesty is huge! If you cannot be honest in all that you do with your significant other then you already have problems. What about not doing things that will hurt or damage the relationship. We all have been taught right from wrong and you know how you want to be treated, so make sure that you don’t do things that will hurt the others person trust. Perhaps proving your trust when opportunities arise, rather than allowing it to be put into question. For Every action there is a equal and opposite reaction.

We are given opportunities every single day in life to be honest and true. In doing so our trust is being tested. Be that it is at work, with friends, family or our significant other. We are placed into situations that we need to decide how and what we are going to do and we need to realize that everyone of our actions has a re-action pending on what it is. We need to think if what we are doing will affect anyone else. We can’t be selfish when we are in a relationship.

Trust takes a long time to build and gain with in any relationship. These days it is only getting harder to gain someones trust. Too many people are getting burned or lied to, cheated on, or straight up deceived! You cannot expect to do any of this if you are wanting a true long term relationship with anyone.

Remember the Golden Rule “Treat others the way that you want others to treat you.” If we all do this, we should have both happy and successful relationships built on trust.