Love Languages

Have you heard of the 5 Love Languages before? If you have, do you know what your love language is? If you haven’t, this is a great time to learn. If you have not heard of the 5 Love Languages or if you have but don’t know what yours is or how it really affects you. You are about to have your mind blown!

I did not know about love languages until about 6-8 years ago. The funny thing is, is that I learned about them in a business meeting, where someone was sharing how you can use the 5 love languages in your business! I took the test to see what my love language was, then I took the test to my wife and had her take it. Let me tell you that it has totally opened my eyes to how people are affected in each relationship they are in!

My mind was blown when I got the results of my wife’s test. It totally made sense to me as to why she felt and reacted the way she had for the time that we were married previously. I didn't know the affect that this was having on our relationship until we took the test and our eyes were opened. You gain a better understanding to how your partner is affected and reacts to different aspects of your relationship by the way you express love to them. Each person has a different way that they want you to show them love.

I learned that my wife was all about “Quality Time” together. Which made total sense of why we were having some of the issues we were in our relationship. From the time that we got married to that moment I was always gone. I’ll explain, it was not that I was always leaving her alone to go do my own thing. I was always gone working. I continuously had multiple jobs which prevented me from being home with my wife. Her Love Language is “Quality Time” Something that I was not giving her being gone all the time working.

Now that I knew what her Love Language was, I was able to make some adjustments to how and when I did things to help her get that Quality Time. For a period of time, it was still not as much as she would like, but it was better. I can happily say, I only have one job now and that we are spending a lot more time together, which has made a world of difference in our relationship. It’s crazy to think that there is such a thing, but there is.

If you do not know your Love Language or the Love Language of your significant other, I would suggest that you check out this website and take the test. It will help you have a better relationship once you know what drives your love. Have a better relationship. Learn what makes you and your partner tick!

You can also have your kids take a test, to help you better understand how to affectively show them love in their language.