Porn - What & Why

I don’t know when people started watching other people be intimate. I don’t know why people started watching other people be intimate. What I do know, is that it is a multi-million dollar industry that has consumed society. We are inundated with it on the internet. People are consumed by it, marriages are broken because of it, and people have addictions which leads to therapy because of it.

My first question is. “What is Porn?” It’s plain and simple two things. The literal being sex, in every shape and form imaginable. The second, a money making machine. There are many forms of this industry and it seems as though people, I believe primarily that being men, cannot get enough of it. It ranges from photography, dancing, film to phone conversations and for women, steamy novels like 50 Shades of Grey. Like I said, it is everywhere.

My second question is. “Why?” Why was this intimate act between two people placed on stage for others to view? Why do women subject themselves to these acts? Why as a society are we ok with it?

I am sure that I know the answers to all of these questions, but it still does not answer my Deep Down question to WHY? To me, this industry is apart of an underlying problem that many people are consumed by and feed off one another. It’s a vicious cycle really. The sad thing is, I believe that those apart of this have some form of self worth issues, and those banking off it, are counting on it and running to the bank because of it.

Think about it. There are those that crave attention, need validation, want some form or worth but never got it. Or maybe they did and but need to continue getting it. Then you have those that never got the time of day and have been alone their entire life, and need some forma of love, satisfaction, release. The you have those that are controlling and feel that they need to dominate any situation and feed off of that power. Then there are those that have been traumatized, when they were younger and it has mentally affected them to where they act out.

There are all kinds of scenarios that can play out to why this industry exists. The question, that I have now is, “Does it affect you or your relationship with another person?”

Porn has a very powerful affect on people. People get consumed by it and don’t know how to live their lives without it. So much that it destroys families, and even the individuals themselves.

If this is apart of your life, I would suggest that you take a step back and evaluate what kind of role that it has in your life. Do you or a loved one have any issues with it. Is it affecting your life, relationship? Are you needing to seek help?

If you don’t have porn in your life. I would advise not to let it in. There are many ways that you can express yourself, and find excitement without seeking out this dark world. Many will say it is harmless. But is it really? The question I would ask them is would you be apart of that world or want to see any of your family members in it? Their answers might change.

I hope that if you are apart of this lifestyle that you have a happy and healthy relationship. Relationships are a very intimate thing that should be valued very highly. If you don’t, I would consider re-evaluating what you do have and if any changes need to be made.