Quality Time

Time. What does it mean to you? How does it affect you? How do you measure it? These are all questions that will be answered differently depending on the person you ask.

Time means different things to different people. I find this occurs depending on what one does with their time. Meaning, depending on the type of life they live, the way they look at time differs. To most business people time is money. To someone on a spiritual path, time is infinite and meaningless. To others time is precious moments captured within a measured space. How do you see time?

With the way you view time, how does time affect you? Are you relaxed and easy going just seeing time a just moments in a day? Or are you high stressed and every minute counts or heads will roll if time is wasted? Maybe you are like many where you are somewhere in the middle pending on the situation that you are in at any given time. I believe that that’s where I fit in.

The term Quality Time, is something that I believe is universal to all. Yet how we go about having Quality Time is not. For most Quality Time is time that we are able to spend with loved ones in meaningful experiences to help create a bond. How it differs is, what one does with or for that quality time. For some it simply means to sit next to their loved ones while watching a show together. Others is going to be out on some wilderness adventure seeing new things. Where others may be working on a craft, baking, building, sewing, or working on a car or piece of equipment.

I think what matters most when it comes to Quality Time, is that you are taking the time to have Quality Time with then ones that you love. Sometimes that is together as a family and sometimes that needs to be on an individual basis. Such as going on a date with you significant other or doing something alone with your children. These moments are special and important in more ways than you can imagine. Relationships can literally rise and fall based upon the amount of Quality Time you spend with those you love. I believe that the more Quality Time we spend with our families, the stronger our families are. The strength of the bond we will have with our significant other is beyond measure. Especially if your significant other’s Love Language is Quality Time! I know this because both my wife and my daughter’s Love Language is Quality Time. I feel the effects of when I have neglected them for too long.

No matter how you view time in your world, you need to find and make time to have Quality Time with those you love! I promise you, that by doing this you will see positive affects within your relationships.