Help Her!

It is well known that women have a lot on their mind all the time.  It is also known that women carry the weight of their family on their shoulders.  We cannot forget that they at times carry the literal weight of their family on their shoulders with all the work they have to put into their families.  So why is all this weight on their shoulders?  Why do they have so much on their minds?

The facts are, many women are having to carry these loads because they have to.  It's not right but they are.  Why?  Some are single moms, Some have full time jobs, some are stay at home moms, some both work full time and go to school full or part time, and many do not have a partner that is helping ease their load.

Women need a partner to help them ease their loads.  It was not designed that women were to take on all the burdens of their families.  It was designed the they were to be a partner that shared the load 50 / 50.  Men need to help do their part!  There are many needs within a family no matter the structure.  Although some structures do require more work and attention than others.  But never less, the load needs to be shared that both parties do not get burned out.

There are many parts of a home and a relationship that is needing to be addressed by both parties.  Here are some of those parts.  Cleaning the home.  Doing yard work.  Raising children - which includes,(feeding, bathing, changing diapers, doing laundry, school work, sports, dance, theater, band, doctors appointments etc).  Cooking food.  Taking care of pets.  Spending Quality Time with your significant other.  Spending Quality Time with the children.  Running errands. Going to appointments. Sewing, Ironing, and whatever else you can think of that has to be done to run a household.

Men are not exempt from doing any of these.  It was not predetermined that women were subject to bare these burdens alone!  We're all adults that should have learned how to be responsible with life skills.  If not, I blame both you and your parents for not making the effort. We have to give an effort to help make our relationships meaningful and have value for one another for the long haul, or one of you is going to give up.

Men, take a moment and find some areas in your home / relationship where you can help lighten the load.  If you do this I promise that you will have a happier relationship and that your significant other will become happier!  When she becomes happier, you to will be happier in how your relationship is working out.