Have you ever been caught not paying attention or spacing off when someone is talking to you?  I am sure that we have all been in that situation at one time or another for whatever reason.  Men have been constantly stereotyped as not listening to their significant others or their kids.  The questions is, are you one of them that has been busted for doing this?

Listening to people is actually a skill believe it or not.  Just because we hear people talking does not mean that we are actually listening.  How many times have you asked "what" after someone said something to you?  Or how many times have you actually forgot what someone just said to you?  Again we are all guilty of not hearing everything someone has said to us, because we were not actually listening.  I know that I am guilty, but I can tell you that it was not on purpose.

That brings us to a whole new topic.  Ignoring what people are saying to us. What many like to call it "Selective Hearing".  Some times this is justified depending on the situation you are in.  But it really is not justified if you are trying to tune out your significant other.  They are your partner and you really need to listen to what they are saying good or bad.  It's obvious that they have something they are needing to say or they would not be saying it.  Yes, even if you are in an argument.  They need to be heard.  Communication is the key to every relationship, no matter how that communication is coming it is saying something.

Maybe if we were better listeners we would not be in as many arguments as we are.  Women like to communicate, we just need to actually listen to them, rather than just hear them when they talk.  We need to be able to clearly understand what they are saying, Think about it, then respond correctly.  Many of us do not do this and this is what causes issues within our conversations.  Listening is really important.  I mean really listening.  What is she saying, and do we understand?  If you actually listen, you will most likely know what she is saying and then respond appropriately.  This will make her happy.  If you don't, then she will yell at you and hit you for not listening.  Then you have started an argument.  Listening is apart of respect.  What they have to say is important, just as important as what you have to say.  

When you actually listen, you will hear a lot more that you can imagine.  I am not just referring to what she is saying as she is yelling at you, but other times as well.  There are those intimate times when you are alone.  Maybe she is confiding in you, or she is going through a rough patch.  You have moments with her when she is vulnerable and wants something from you.  You really need to pay attention and listen, or lose out.  Listen to see what she wants.  Listen to see what she doesn't want.  Get to know her more by listening.  The little things are as great as the big things.

You will win her heart if you truly listen.