Are you Chivalrous

With our ever changing society, our traditions have also been changing.  Many of the things generations before us were taught to do as they were growing up have either been forgotten or  have lost their meaning.  Some of those things they were taught are on the brink of extinction.

With the rise in women's independence and a greater role in the work place and powerful positions, we are seeing a decline in the way women have been treated.  This is both good and bad.  The good is obvious, better job positions, better pay, more power, a larger voice in what and how things are done, and they are becoming a bigger figure in the world of role models.  Although the bad part of all of this, is that we are losing some of the traditional manners of showing respect.

This blame is placed on both parties.  With the rise of independence and power with women also comes more pride.  This is not a bad thing, but as we all know, too much pride can hurt an individual as well.  With that being said, men are still the main contributing culprits to the lack of respect being shown in the traditional sense.  This being two fold.  Either they were not taught how to treat a woman correctly, or they simply don't care to or they are lazy!  I am hoping that it's because they were not taught to.  Some of the generation long traditions simply start to die off for some reason as generations go by.  I would like to change that.

Men still need to find as many ways possible to show women respect and love.  This can be done in simple everyday acts of kindness.  Some of the things we can do are simply to open doors for women, no matter their age.  Yes, some people still do this today, but it is starting to fall away.  Acknowledge a woman as she enters the room.  This can be a little hard, but can still be done.  Give a lady your coat, jacket or offer her something to keep her warm when it is chilly outside.  When walking down the road, protect her by walking on the street side as if to block her from danger.  When opportunities arise, offer to assist them with something to ease their burden.  Pull out chairs and assist them to a table.  Give them compliments when appropriate.  Women make efforts to look good and smell good, let them know that you notice.  

These are just some of the things and there are more that you can do to acknowledge and show respect to the women you encounter day to day.  These acts will not go un-noticed by those that you do this for.  Kindness goes along way in the day and age.  Remember that you attract more bees with honey.

Now ladies, you need to allow men to do these things for you.  There is also a trend going on where women are not allowing men to do these things for them, because they are proud independent women that don't need men doing things for them.  Understood but, you need to allow them to show you respect, and doing these littles things are a stepping stone to doing the greater things that you are wanting.

Be kind to each other, love each other, and this world can be a happier, friendlier and better place to live.