The Little Things

Relationships are funny things.  We think we know how to be successful in them, yet many of us seem to fail.  Why?  Maybe it's because we don't pay enough attention to the details.  No matter the relationship, be that it's a friend, co-worker, family member or spouse.  The little things within the relationship are what makes it successful.

Just because we are providing the essentials of the relationship does not mean that we are nuturing the relationship in being a healthy, successful one.  Many of us believe that if we just do our part, (whatever that may be) that we will be ok and everyone will be happy.  Well... that is not exactly true.  Everyone's idea of their part may be different from the other person and in doing so, things get lost in translation.  What one person expects may differ from another, and that is where things begin to crumble for a long term relationship.

The basic needs in life are Shelter, Food, Water and Love.  Many of us strive everyday to provide the first three to the best of our ability.  Where we fall short is in the forth.  Love.  Love is a difficult thing at times.  Which is funny because when we are starting out in a relationship, you pretty much throw up on the other person with all the love you have for them.  But as time goes on it begins to decrease and sometimes disappears all together.  Why does this happen?

I believe it is because we forget to do all the little things that help make your relationship special. Every person is different in how they do it even though we may do some of the same things.  But it, whatever it is, is that little something that makes you special to the person you love.  What I am referring to are the Little Things.  The Notes, The Flowers, The Text Messages, The Treats, The Special Dinners, Dates, Surprises and whatever other creative fun and spontaneous thing you did. Some of the Little Things that you don't think about that are little but Huge at the same time are things like Doing Dishes, Cleaning The House, Watching the Kids, Making the Bed, Running Errands, Taking the Kids to Their Events, Vacuuming, Doing Laundry and Cooking dinner just to name a few.  These are appreciated even more if you do them without having to be asked to do them!

We all have things that we appreciate and love having done for us that make us feel special and loved.  So think about how you want to be treated and what would make you happy, then turn around and do the same for the one that you love.  You will see your relationship both grow and strengthen by doing just the little things in life.  

This goes both ways ladies.  You are not off the hook.  To have a happy and successful relationship both parties need to give what they can to make it work!  Remember that you loved each other and still do.  All you have to do is not forget to express it.